Historic Reno Preservation Society

thanks you for donating to this 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.

A donation to HRPS supports Historic Reno, for our past and our future.

Support HRPS by donating to any of these Funds.

Reno Heritage Fund

Traditionally, HRPS offers small matching grants to assist property owners in Home Improvement Projects rehabilitating historic buildings.

We also offer funds for Special Heritage Projects for history-related projects of importance to the Reno community.

HRPS General Fund

HRPS is a member-supported organization with occasional support from occasional grants. We encourage donations to allow HRPS to do its good works in the community, publicizing, documenting and educating the public in our historic preservation goals.

Klos Volunteer Award

Pat Klos, HRPS' first President, established the Klos Volunteer Award given annually since 2010. She personally funded the award for several years and now we ask others to participate in supporting the efforts of HRPS' many wonderful volunteers.

 In Memoriam For

Honor the memory of a loved one who cared about preserving the history of our community with an “In Memoriam” gift to Historic Reno Preservation Society.

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